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How to plan your Digital Skills Fellowship​

The TCKZone Digital Skills Fellowship program aims to provide essential digital skills training and orientation to individuals spanning from age 7- 18 years. We’re taking DSF to new heights by offering learning opportunities that encompass Computer basics, Coding, Design, AI, Game Development, Website Development, Digital Marketing and more. Whether you or your students are experienced coders or you all are setting out on your very first computer science expedition, this Digital Skills Fellowhsip promises an extraordinary journey.



Register your event


Choose your skill


Plan your event


Plan your duration


Help spread the word



Get Digital!


Print Certificates



Next Steps


1. Register Your Event

Start with a commitment to doing an Digital Skills Fellowship with your students by registering your event. When you register, you’ll receive helpful emails with news and tips for hosting a successful Digital Skills Fellowship. You’ll also be put on the map. The visible totality of our collective efforts demonstrates the global commitment to the digital literacy and inclusion, which will help us build momentum for impact.

2. Choose your activities

Choose which from the various skills, computer basics, coding, design, cyber security, website development, AI amongst others.

First, explore several of digital skills activities and choose one based on your group’s age, experience, interests and more. These select activities feature digital skills as a key topic or lesson.

Students can watch short videos featuring experts in the field, and there are accompanying lesson plans to extend the activity and guide further discussion. Or, we offer free professional learning for educators to unlock the future of teaching.

3. Plan your event

What: Before your event, try out the different materials and projects yourself so you can ensure they work on student devices and you’re prepared to answer questions! Have low intenet access? Plan to show videos at the front of the class, or project slides or print out worksheets and learning guides.

When: Choose a suitable duration depending on your audience, either 1 day (30 minutes – 3 hours), 2 weeks, or 4 weeks long fellowships, materials are available for all durations.

Where: Choose a space that works for the number of students and devices you have available. Students can try activities on individual devices, take turns sharing a device, or as a class on a projected screen or even without any devices. There are even activities that can be completed with no devices at all, so they can even be done outside!

4. Plan your duration

Here’s a sample agenda to get you started if working with 1- day duration:

  • 1:00-1:05pm: Begin with an inspirational video
  • 1:05-1:45pm: Students do their activity
  • 1:45-1:55pm: Students ask questions
  • 1:55-2:00pm: Teacher gives closing remarks

Here’s a sample agenda to get you started if working with 2 weeks duration with classes having 3 days each week:

  • Day 1: Begin with an inspirational video and introduction to digital skills
  • Day 2: Students do their activity
  • Day 3: Students ask questions
  • Day 6: Teacher gives closing remarks

5. Help spread the word

Help us spread the word in your community with these email templates.

  • Ask two colleagues to register and host a Digital Skills Fellowship. They, in turn, can secure two colleagues, who can secure two colleagues, etc.
  • Ask your principal to host a school-wide event. When 300 or more kids participate, you can receive a special engagement kit with t-shirts, posters, laptop stickers, and more. Share your whole school event plan to qualify.
  • Reach out to your school’s Parent Teacher Student Association or share in parent newsletters, letting them know what their children are learning.


6. Get digital!

Direct your students to the activity, maybe by sharing the slides on the board or through your classroom’s learning management system. Your students may encounter challenges—that’s okay! Learning a digital skill is like learning a new language; you won’t be fluent right away. If you don’t know the answer, you can figure it out together.

7. Print Certificates

After your event, print certificates of completion and congratulate your students. Share photos and videos of your Digital Skills Fellowship event and show off your students’ achievements using #tckzonedigitalskillsfellowship and @tckzone.


8. Next Steps on your journey

It doesn’t end here!

While parents want their child to learn digital skills, most schools still don’t teach it. Check out the diverse curriculum offerings from Skooqs, and learn how to bring digital skills to your school today!