At the All Stars Teens Leadership Development Camp! A transformative program designed to empower teenagers to become confident leaders and future changemakers.

Leadership Workshops

Team-building Activities

Mentorship Opportunities

Sports and Games

College & Career Guidance


The investment per participants is


Early Bird Mar 25 - Apr 15


Registration fee Apr 16 - July 5


Late Payment July 5 - July 10

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Who should Participate

Students who are teenagers or the class of {JSS3-SS3} 


5 days


Camp kit, customized top, certificate of participation, feeding.


Lagos Island

Lagos Island

Lagos Mainland

Lagos Mainland



Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt







Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea




Questions people ask

What is the age range for participants in the camp?

The camp is open to teenagers within the age range of JSS3-SS3, typically ranging from 13 to 18 years old.

What are the dates and duration of the camp?

The camp will run for different periods depending on the location you have choosen

What is the investment cost for participation?

The investment per participant is ₦70,000, which covers camp kit, customized top, certificate of participation, and feeding.

What types of activities will participants engage in during the camp?

Participants will engage in a wide range of activities including leadership workshops, team-building exercises, mentorship sessions, sports and games, career guidance workshops, and personal growth sessions.

Is accommodation provided during the camp?

Yes, accommodation is included in the camp package. Participants will stay in comfortable and secure facilities throughout the duration of the program.

Are meals provided during the camp?

Yes, meals are provided as part of the camp package. Participants will enjoy nutritious and delicious meals during their stay.

Is financial assistance or scholarships available for participants?

Unfortunately, we do not offer financial assistance or scholarships at this time. However, we encourage participants to reach out to potential sponsors or organizations that may provide support.

What safety measures are in place during the camp?

The safety and well-being of our participants are our top priorities. We have trained staff, medical personnel on standby, emergency protocols, and strict adherence to safety guidelines to ensure a secure environment.

Can participants bring electronic devices to the camp?

While participants are allowed to bring electronic devices such as phones and tablets, we encourage limited usage during scheduled free time to maximize engagement in camp activities.

How can parents/guardians stay updated on camp activities and their child's progress?

We provide regular updates and communication channels for parents/guardians to stay informed about camp activities, participant progress, and any important announcements. Parents/guardians can also contact the camp coordinators for specific inquiries.

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